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Flat brushes Natur Profi


Wooden handle, natural bristles 90% Tops.


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Raw wood handle with natural bristles which hold your Milk Paint on the brush. A high quality of bristles from mountain region Chungking (oblastí Chongking, Sichuan, Yunnan) which produce the best bristles. Brushes are made in Czech Republic. High quality of pure natural bristles 90% Tops. 

Flat brushes are ideal for painting with Milk Paint, also suitable for Wax or Lacquer.

The flat brush is better for corners or narrow places, unlike round brush. 

Size 1". Brush Length 17 mm, Brush Width 52 mm.

Size 1,5". Brush Length 17 mm, Brush Width 52 mm.

Size 2". Brush Length 19 mm, Brush Width 57 mm.

Size 2,5". Brush Length 20 mm, Brush Width 64 mm.

Size 3". Brush Length 22 mm, Brush Width 70 mm.

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