Benefits of Milk Paint


  • environmentally safe, biodegradable
  • fast drying
  • solvent free
  • odorless when dry
  • permanent colours, will not fade
  • longest lasting paint known
  • shades can be mixed together to made a new colours 

Apart from the obvious benefits – non-toxic, voc-free, natural, safe, environmentally friendly (ok, ok so it’s good for the earth!  What else does it do?), The Crafty Bird’s Milk Paint comes in powder form. Yes, it is true – the equivalent of 1 litre of paint in liquid form comes in a recyclable (and resealable) pot containing 230g of powdered paint.

This concept may seem strange at first, but look deeper my friends. Go take a visit to your backyard shed, count how many opened tins of paint you have.  Now take a look inside those tins – if you can prize the lid off.  I’ll bet the contents are dusty, hard and pretty much unusable. Right? Never mind how these wasted paints appear, you cannot dispose of them (legally anyway) without polluting the environment and generally ticking off Mother Nature. So they will sit in your shed until the 12th of Never.  Did you waste your cash buying this paint? Yes indeed. Because you only used part of it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to reuse that paint? Even in a year’s time? Let’s face it, we’re all about upcycling, recycling and reusing so minimising waste is important to us these days.

Our Milk Paint does exactly what it says on the packaging. You simply use only what you need for your project. See measurement guidelines below. The rest you can store in the pot in your cupboard until your next project. Just remember to warn your family that it is not a food item (nor a milk shake powder!).

So not only is Milk Paint safe to use, it makes economical sense too. 

For a step by step guide to mixing and using Milk Paint, read here.