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Eagle Island Lighthouse


The Crafty Bird Milk Paint white shade. 230g makes up 1 litre of paint or 30g sample for 100 ml of paint.  





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Inspired by the whiteness of the Mayo lighthouse, this colour will brighten up any pre-loved furniture. This white has lemon undertones so it whilst it is crisp and clean, it is also warm and embracing.  Perfect for any time of year, in any size room. So, whether your home is nestled on a sea-swept coastline, or in the heart of a city, you can bring the freshness and calmness of our Atlantic shores into your home. More about this shade here.

Milk paint is pure natural paint in powder to mix with the water for wood, plaster and other porous surfaces. Great paint for raw wood, or for renovation already treated wood. Natural ingrediences: casein (milk protein), lime, clay, chalk, natural pigmens.

I recommend 2 coats for block coverage and 1 coat or wash (wash - 2 parts of water and 1 part of powder) when the wood grains come through. You may put less water in light shades (about 90% of water) and as necessary carefully add water. More about mixing paint you can find in video.

  • 30 g = about 100 ml paint, cover 0,75 m2
  • 230 g = makes up 1 litre of paint, cover 6,5 - 7 m2

Painted surface is matt and soft. Paint must be sealed with our finishing products - wax or matt lacquer.