No-Moooove bonding primer


Clear primer forms a bonding film on non-porous surfaces. For ceramics, laminates, metal, glass, veneers and highly varnished surfaces.

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This water based, odour free primer is also a prep cleaner for your surfaces so it eliminates the need to sugar soap.  It is a clear liquid so it also eliminates the white coat usually found in primers underneath your top coat.  It is unbelievably strong as a bonding base for smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles, ceramic jugs, laminates, veneers, melamine, glass and plastic.  200mls (covers approx. 3,5 m2)

How to use:

Place protective cover around your work area as the primer can splash due to its watery consistency.

With a brush, apply primer liberally to surface ensuring you cover everywhere.

Leave for 5 minutes.

With a cloth, wipe the surface in one direction to remove excess liquid.

Allow 2 hours to set (or touch dry to feel a coating on surface) then paint with The Crafty Bird Antique Milk Paint.

Finish with either The Crafty Bird Carnauba Milk Wax or The Crafty Bird Water Based Matt Lacquer.


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